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Meet our team of specialists

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Professor Geoffrey Hackett MD FRCPI

Senior Medical Advisor

Professor Hackett is a leading expert on men’s health and testosterone, with over 100 papers and three books published on the subject. His experience has led him to be Chairman of the British Society for Sexual Medicine and a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Society for Sexual Medicine. Currently he operates as a Consultant in Urology and Sexual Medicine at Spire Hospital Little Aston, Sutton Coldfield Hospital.

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Dr Oli Maunsell

Medical Director

Dr Oli Maunsell is Medical Director at Ted’s Health. He oversees all clinical aspects of the business and has an integral role in the senior commercial and strategy teams, ultimately working to empower men to discuss and tackle their health issues, with a particular focus on the silent epidemic of men suffering from testosterone deficiency. As a practising GP in the UK for over 10 years, Dr Maunsell has vast medical experience and maintains a keen interest in men’s health, technology in healthcare and mental health.

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Dr James Andry MD

Medical Advisor

Dr Andry is a recognised leader in Hormone Replacement Therapy. He educates and lectures nationally on the topics of medical weight management, hormone replacement therapy and diabetes, and has been a featured guest interviewee for numerous publications and media programmes. A previous recipient of testosterone replacement therapy, he understands the benefits of getting early diagnosis and the need for more awareness of testosterone deficiency.

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Professor Michael Kirby MBBS LRCP MRCS FRCP

Consultant - Men’s Health

Professor Kirby has worked in cardiology for 36 years, and performed clinical work was at the Prostate Centre in London, until 2019 where he dealt with complex cardio-metabolic diseases, sexual problems and andrology. He has been a long term member of the British Society For Sexual Medicine and is a Trustee of the Sexual Advice Association.

In the best hands:

UK licensed medications

Our doctors will prescribe UK-licensed treatments of the highest quality.

Ongoing doctor support

We believe in taking a personal approach. That’s why our doctors are available beyond your initial prescription, to ensure you’re at your best, every step of the way.

No waiting rooms

Life is busy. That’s why we provide more flexible treatment and testing. Our tests, which come by post, are more discreet, and consultations are via video, so you don’t have to make time to attend a doctor’s office.

Free delivery

We’ll never charge you for sending a test or a treatment. That’s Ted’s way.

Personal treatment plan

After assessing your tests and consulting with you, your Ted’s Health doctor will create a personal treatment plan matched to your symptoms.

Cancel anytime

You’re free to walk away from our treatment plans anytime. There’s no locking-in or long term commitment.

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