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Using an at-home test kit

3 min read

For many men experiencing symptomsof low testosterone, it can feel awkward to broach the subject with your usual health providers. But with testosterone playing a role in so many crucial processes in your body, it is important to get tested if you think you may have low levels. That’s why an at-home test kit can provide a quick, easy, and discreet way to get your testosterone levels tested.

How do at-home test kits work?
At-home test kits come with instructions and all of the equipment you will need to collect your sample. It’s important that you read these instructions carefully to ensure the accuracy of your test kit.

There are two types of at-home test kit for testosterone: a blood test, and a saliva test. Research has shown that saliva tests can be less reliable than blood tests. At Ted’s, we only offer blood testing, because we believe such important results should be as accurate as possible.

To complete a blood test, you will need to prick your finger, and place a blood sample in the small plastic vial included in your test kit. After you have collected your sample, it’s as easy as putting it in a prepaid mailing package and sending it to the lab. Within a few business days, you’ll be able to book a consultation with one of our friendly experts to discuss your results.

How do I make sure my results are accurate?
Men’s testosterone levels are highest immediately after they wake up; according to research, testosterone levels can be 25% lower at 4 pm than at 8 am. In order to get the most accurate results, therefore, it’s recommended that you collect your sample when your testosterone levels are highest, in the morning. Some research has also suggested that taking food may affect your testosterone levels, so some providers also suggest fasting before you take your sample.

The accuracy of at-home testosterone test kits may vary compared to tests administered in a healthcare setting. This is because, when compared to a healthcare professional, there is a higher chance for human error, which may play a role in the accuracy of at-home testing. But there’s no need to worry! As long as you follow the instructions provided in your testing kit, our test kits are 88% accurate.

Interpreting your test results
Once your test results are available, you will be able to book an online consultation with one of our doctors to have a discussion about the next steps. For an average adult male, testosterone levels should fall between 12 and 30 nmol/L. If your results suggest that you have low testosterone, one of our clinicians will discuss your treatment options. Although testosterone declines naturally with age, it is important to discuss your results with a healthcare provider, to rule out any other underlying causes.

During your consultation, you can discuss your symptoms as well as your test results. Your doctor may ask for you to complete a second test. This is perfectly normal, as testosterone levels can change throughout the day or week, so conducting two tests helps to ensure accuracy, and we can also check the pituitary hormone (LH). You can then begin to discuss treatment options, and choose which of our UK-licensed medications best suits your lifestyle and needs.

Written by Ted’s Health and medically reviewed by Professor Mike Kirby