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Testosterone replacement therapy

Talk to Ted's friendly experts, who are here for you no matter what issues you're facing. Let us create a personalised treatment plan for you, using high quality, UK-Licensed medications.

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How to get started


Take a blood test

We’ll send you an easy-to-use blood test to take at home.

How to complete your blood test

Follow this instructional video to ensure you complete your blood test successfully the first time.


Personal consultation

As soon as we’ve got your test results we’ll book you in for a personal video consultation with one of our doctors.


Personalised treatment plan

Your doctor will prescribe the best treatment for you, and provide ongoing monitoring.

Got a question?

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At-home blood test and video consultation package



What impact does testosterone have?

Whilst many people are familiar with the effect of testosterone on sexual health, the hormone can affect your life in many other areas. Testosterone is an important building block for your body, so having the right levels can improve strength, metabolism, sleep and even focus! There are effective treatments available to increase the levels of testosterone, backed by science. Read more here


Reduces cardiac events by 33%

Testosterone replacement with cardiovascular outcomes among men with androgen deficiency (Cheetham CT, An JJ, Jacobsen SJ. Association)


Linked with 40% reduction in prostate cancer diagnoses

Survival and cardiovascular events in men treated with testosterone replacement therapy (Wallis CJ, Lo K, Lee Y et al.)


40% less likely to develop diabetes

Testosterone treatment to prevent or revert type 2 diabetes in men enrolled in a lifestyle programme (Wittert et al. Wittert G, Bracken K, Robledo KP, et al.)

A different kind of testosterone treatment

We offer a range of high-quality, UK-licensed treatments, tailored to your needs, all prescribed to optimise your testosterone levels. Our specialists will collaborate with you to build a bespoke treatment plan that works for you.

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Needle-free treatment

Our doctors can prescribe needle-free treatment, if you would prefer. This is part of our commitment to creating a plan that works around you and your needs.

Proven Results

All of our treatments are UK-licensed and scientifically proven to improve your testosterone levels.

Personalised Treatment Plan

Working with our experts allows you to create a unique treatment plan tailored to your needs and wants. Our doctors are on hand to provide support and guidance, to make sure that your plan is always the best it can be.

How it works


Order the kit

Order the easy, discreet at-home kit, or arrange for one of our nurses to come to your home, to take a blood sample.


Video consultation

Have a video call with one of our specialist doctors, who will discuss treatment options and next steps.


Explore treatment

Begin your bespoke treatment plan and have your medication shipped discreetly to your door.


Track results

Through our platform you will be able to monitor your progress to make sure that your treatment plan is working for you.


What to expect?

Increased focus

Most men find they’re able to engage in work for longer periods of time, as well as having improved recall, and more meaningful conversations.

Better strength

Fitness-wise, you can expect to manage longer workouts with a faster recovery time, and to shed body fat while increasing bone density.

More energy

Most patients find they begin to complete more tasks in a day, wake up feeling more refreshed, have fewer mood swings and improved self esteem.

blood test kit

Take a blood test at home



What is next?

Get started now!

Our experts will create a detailed treatment plan for your personal needs and wants with using high quality UK licensed medications.


What patients say


“The meds are working GREAT ! It's not only fixed the ED issues, but I no longer get tired during the day and the pounding heart during sex has reduced dramatically.”


“I really appreciated you taking the time to explain everything so clearly and your personable nature in discussing what for anyone is a very sensitive issue. If they did, we’d have a more knowledgeable and healthier society”