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Partner with Ted’s Health 

Empowering men to take control of their health

Ted’s Health was founded with the mission of empowering men to better understand and support their health. 

We’re excited to work with ambitious partners to further this mission, so whether you’re an employer, insurer, benefits provider or a fellow player in the healthtech space, Ted’s offers a comprehensive, plug-in-and-play solution that will work for you. 


What we offer

We’ve worked with some of the leading experts in the space and drawn from our own extensive experience in health to create a comprehensive solution that offers patients a range of services, including:

  • Simple blood testing from home to identify a wide range of biomarkers critical to optimal male health

  • Virtual consultations with fully qualified clinicians and doctors 

  • A range of evidence-based treatments covering general health, weight loss, mental wellbeing, fertility, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone 

  • Customisable, personal health dashboards to root transparency and access to information at the
    core of our services and support

This makes for a comprehensive and coherent offering to ensure all our patients enjoy a premium experience.

Why you should support men’s health

Men are dying younger than women, they commit suidice more often and are less likely to seek medical help for their health. Beyond that there are unique health issues like prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and low testosterone that a significant proportion of men will be impacted by.

Addressing these challenges isn’t just good for the individual, it’s also key to creating a more inclusive,
supportive and productive work environment, where people feel truly cared for. As we transition to a more proactive approach to our health, our health care providers and services need to evolve too, along with the way we access these.

Ted’s Health is dedicated to delivering a world class, science-based solution to support better health for men.

Working with Ted’s Health

We appreciate that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to health. Your ambitions to support your customers and patients will be unique, so we’ve developed our partner offering to be a flexible, plug and play solution that can support your needs. 

We’d love to understand how we could work together, please feel free to get in touch today: